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looking for Concierge service that meets your budget?

We are a leading concierge service providers proudly serving the South Florida area. We provide a range of services for your personal, corporate, residential and commercial property needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to: On-Site Staffing, Corporate Event Planning, Errand Services, Hotel Reservations, Floral Arrangements, Limousine Charters and much more.

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Our competitive advantage is
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How Can We assist You today?

Do you despise having to leave in the middle
of your busy day to run an errand?

Dry-cleaning that needs to be picked up?

Need help with all the details involved in planning a corporate or personal event?

We specialize in concierge services for: Corporate/
Business, Convention Services, Event Planning, and Personal Services.

Need to have flowers ordered and delivered?

Hotel reservations that need to be booked?

Travel reservations that need to be booked?

... And so much more.
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